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  1. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    IPads versus Puppies: Round 1

    Monday, 07-Jan-13 16:22:06 EST from Posterous
  2. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    Hello Saturday!

    Saturday, 08-Sep-12 09:00:13 EDT from Posterous
  3. Rob Gonda robgonda

    So apparently @jetblue has a retarded policy: if you have a premium seat and don't preboard, you have to board last, once the plane is full!

    Wednesday, 22-Aug-12 19:30:04 EDT from
  4. Rob Gonda robgonda

    Delta is delayed, why am I not surprised?

    Wednesday, 18-Jul-12 06:54:55 EDT from
  5. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    Happy 4th America! # #

    Wednesday, 04-Jul-12 14:58:32 EDT from Posterous
  6. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: Hilarious humorous video mocking Mike Portnoy with a Sparta Remix - must watch for any Portnoy orDT fan ::

    Friday, 29-Jun-12 16:26:27 EDT from
  7. Rob Gonda robgonda

    Viral Video Friday: Beautiful ad by Toronto-based Agency Cundari called BMW M5 – “Bullet” – High Performance Art ::

    Friday, 29-Jun-12 16:15:31 EDT from
  8. Rob Gonda robgonda

    This is just funny, typography Humor: Ariel ::

    Friday, 29-Jun-12 16:07:16 EDT from
  9. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: iPhone infographic: The iPhone turns 5 and it's bigger than Microsoft, Coke, and Disney ::

    Friday, 29-Jun-12 16:00:30 EDT from
  10. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: I actually think it's pretty clever - Orbitz Shows Mac Users Pricier Results Than PC Users ::

    Tuesday, 26-Jun-12 11:29:30 EDT from
  11. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    Congrats @MiamiHeat #

    Friday, 22-Jun-12 00:16:14 EDT from Posterous
  12. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    Every time @LedZepplin plays Fool in the Rain, I feel like driving thru the keys # #

    Thursday, 21-Jun-12 18:54:55 EDT from Posterous
  13. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: Microsoft Surface & Internet Explorer Presentation Epic Fail [video] ::

    Thursday, 21-Jun-12 12:23:38 EDT from
  14. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: SapientNitro seminar at Cannes Lions 2012 [video]

    Wednesday, 20-Jun-12 18:37:51 EDT from
  15. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: Surface for Windows – The New Microsoft Tablet

    Monday, 18-Jun-12 21:54:42 EDT from
  16. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    Pescado para el dia de los padres con mi esposa Cubana @LaCamaronera

    Sunday, 17-Jun-12 13:38:11 EDT from Posterous
  17. Eddie Gomez gomezyouup

    All agency and lots of sunshine! @SapientNitro #

    Thursday, 14-Jun-12 10:20:53 EDT from Posterous
  18. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: Print literarily becomes digital newspaper for Swiss daily Neue Zürcher Zeitung ::

    Tuesday, 12-Jun-12 10:49:45 EDT from
  19. Rob Gonda robgonda

    wonder if there will be one night of decent sleep

    Tuesday, 12-Jun-12 02:11:23 EDT from
  20. Rob Gonda robgonda

    :: Amazing accomplishment for @SapientNitro - Alan Herrick, top 18 ppl in mobile advertising, behind Amazon and Apple :

    Monday, 11-Jun-12 19:46:36 EDT from

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